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Research and Development

The key to success

Researching and developing of textile products and technologies plays a central role at ETTLIN. Since the mid-2000's, we have been following a strategic development plan. The objectives defined here are met in our independent R&D department. 

But we consider ourselves more than just a classical producer of technical textiles. We see ourselves more as a development partner and problem solver for our customers. Our team of specialists consists of development engineers, technicians and laboratory works and has essentially three core functions: 

  • the independent development of new products and technologies to open up new markets.
  • exclusive and confidential solving of textile problems of our customers as well as provision of holistic solutions from the polymer to the thread and the fabric to equipment and packaging.
  • the continuous optimisation of our existing product range to ensure the highest quality standards and competitive conditions.


We rely on the collaboration with leading national and international research institute of different disciplines. We continuously test new textile processes, modify them and analyse their potential for the application areas of our customers. The transfer the technological know-how acquired in this way in innovative products.

You have a question about textiles?
You are looking for a competent partner?

We'd like to know more about your challenging tasks and implement your requirement profile quickly and reliably.


This is ETTLIN's motto for the development of completely new areas of application for textiles. Our textile materials of tomorrow are developed in interdisciplinary collaboration with different specialist areas.

ETTLIN focuses on the following fields, amongst others

  • Textiles for light regulation and control
  • Textiles as construction and architecture materials (LenoShade®, TransProof®)

Our innovative product ranges ETTLIN LUX®, LenoShade®, TransProof® are representative examples for these activities and document in an impressive way how textile materials of tomorrow can look.