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Our Philosophy



We investigate new strategic fields of application in conjunction with new machine technologies 

Full integration

Our thoughts start at the polymer and go all the way to the fabric with different raw materials and different technologies 

Strategic and long-term partnerships

These are immensely important for us and we fill them with life every day. Exclusivity and trust are our top priorities.

Technische Textilien Leuchtvorhang


This word expresses everything our philosophy in dealing with customers, employees, products and resources is about. As partners, we build strategic alliances with our customers, suppliers and institutes. 

We stand by the location Germany and feel very connected to it. Because this is the place that makes it possible for us to advance innovations and to manufacture products with continuously high quality.

As a producing business, we rely on energy. This is one good reason to treat this resource carefully. This can be seen in our use and generation of renewable energy from e.g. water and solar power on our company premises and business parks. This systematic energy management was certified according to the ISO standard 50001. In future, we want to continue to live up to our pioneering role, which we attained with solid financing and willingness to invest. This means for us to open up new possibilities for people.

With innovative ideas and courage, we secure the future of our company and also the future of our customers today and in the following years.